Dennes Family Reunion

Saturday 14th, November and a gathering of Dennes clan got together for a reunion in a little place called Tinonee just outside of Taree.

At 13, a farm boy done for 'house breaking' with a ruddy and freckled complexion, Francis Dennes (Dennis as written in the conviction and shipping documents) was tried and convicted for stealing bread and pork.

So began his long journey from Devonshire, England as a convict in 1830.

Skip forward to 1848 and he has now been granted a conditional pardon. He married and had 5 kids of which one William Henry Dennes is the line I come from.


William married his cousin Susanna, they had a stack of kids. The 8th one, Harold Clifford Dennes (my grandfather) married Ellen Daisy Saaby (Ma, sweet little lady with plastic fruit).

They had 5 kids, the youngest being my Dad, Harold Alan (Tate) Dennes married Heather Neville and here I am! The eldest of 4 kids. Me, Karolyn, Pamela and Christopher. Kaz wasn't there for the pic.


That'll do, caught up with cousins hadn't seen for ages, second cousins and now third generation cousins.

Thanks to those who put it all together, in particular Aunty Shirley, Aunty Jean and Peter Smith.

Jo xo


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