Shortgrass Rangers

An early 6am start to the day (now I know some of you might say ‘what’s new?’ Pft! Not for the past 3 weeks!!!) on our way down past Lawton and onto Grandfield, OK to a club match with the Shortgrass Rangers. A beautiful sunny day which started with 10C. Nice! A stop at Cracker Barrel for breaky and we are ready for action. It’s a bit over a 21/2hr trip down the I-44, past vast wide open fields that are starting to green up now – they are in a drought – still a little greener than most areas in Canberra though! I’ll post a video on Facebook of what it was like from a range view.

So we made it to the town of Grandfield, OK (the home of Miss Oklahoma 1998) and the range for the Shortgrass Rangers, aptly named so it seems. There were 22 shooters for the day, a little overcast but warm breezes made for perfect shooting weather. We split into 2 posses and shot 5 stages. Two fellow OKC cowboys were there and shot on our posse with us, ‘Hondo Tweed’ and ‘Riverside Burns’ amongst other friendly cowboys. Here are some pics of their range.

Check out the small prairie dog shotgun targets!!! And in one of the pictures you might be able to see the knockdown squirrel targets. The targets were smaller and some were out there but it was good. Couple of misses, a few more for Jack unfortunately put me in 1st place overall and Jackaroo in 4th place. Good day, finished around 1.30 and headed back home. For more information about Grandfield or the Shortgrass Rangers, click on the links below.,_Oklahoma


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