Inside Out

Since I finished cleaning the house and am home alone I thought I would do a quick blog whilst I recline on the sun lounge in the warm breeze…jealous yet?

For those that have been wanting to see a bit of the house (Pammy) and despite the bedroom walls still being – cringe – lavender! here are some pics of the little abode.

So you got to see the guest bedroom the other day so I won't bore you with that one again. The pic below is study, hall entry, bathroom and laundry.

Next we have the kitchen from a couple of angles, dining room and lounge room.

And here we have the master bedroom and ensuite.

And of course, ready for the summer, although think it may get a little warm!!! It does stay really cool in the house though so will be very comfortable.

Don't tell the boss, ssshhh relaxing with a beer on the sun lounge. Whoops, doorbell, Constable Nelson aka Trooper has arrived!!

Cheers Kat! Xo


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