What’s Under Your Dress?

I can't help it but wear the appropriate undergarments when dressing in my Victorian gowns. You just can't do it any other way!

I first learnt from 'Clancy' (First lady I shot with, my friend, a Margarita Sista and my one and only Redneck Sista) about what goes into dressing like a lady, I have since experimented with different patterns etc for my gowns and am getting to find the ones I really like.

I've used a Laughing Moon pattern, a Buckaroo Bobbins pattern and now have tried the Truly Victorian undergarments pattern. I really like this one even though I made mine fairly plain compared to my Buckaroo Bobbins set, they feel really comfortable and I like the little capped sleeve look.

This is the Buckaroo Bobbins ones, yes I use them to shoot in too and have cream, navy and the white set for under gowns also has embroidery done on them as well. These ones have the gusset stitched up though for shooting!!

I decided that I wanted to learn more, you can never get too many tips right? So I found this amazing website Historical Sewing by Jennifer Rosbrugh.

I have learnt some nifty little tips for trim, the ever elusive how much do I need when making ruffles – very handy, and then other things it was like, yep, I do that already and could just crack on with what needed to be done.

I am looking forward to going through the making of hats though!

Any way a bit side tracked there, here are the current version using TV patterns, undergarments, imperial tournure and petticoat.

So now “Kat the 2nd” is ready for the next gown in the making!

Have other orders to fill before that, soon, very soon you will see them in the making ready for Helldorado Days!

Kat xo

For more information about above mentioned sites, patterns etc click on the links below.






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