History Centre Revisited

Wednesday we went back to the History Centre to finish off the Space exhibition, the Allan Houser exhibition and the Red River Journey outside.

Before we got back round to the History Centre we made a short stop at the Veterans Memorial. Located outside the Oklahoman Historical Society building and opposite the State Capitol is a tasteful and amazing memorial to the Oklahoman veterans who have participated in various wars over the years.

Approximately 7800 Oklahomans died in World War II alone. Here those from World Wars I, II, Korea, Vietnam etc are recognised for their service and gave their lives in the process.

The bronze statue at the centre front is amazing in It's detail and the 4 panels, well the photos do not do them justice at all, the detail is incredible.

And of course as we see in Australia and most other War Memorials, the eternal flame.

Don't actually think you can see the flame in the sunlight.

From there we moved on to the History Centre to finish it off. Remember in the first part I mentioned the two Indians (bronze statue at the entrance?) it is called 'Unconquered' made by Allan Houser in 1994.

Inside, it was over to the Space section where Oklahomans are recognised for their contributions to space exploration. Did you know Wiley Post invented the pressurised flight suit?

Here are drawings of the suit.

There were plenty of other pieces of memorabilia like actual Oklahoma flags that went into space, letters from Apollo 13 era from both those in space to those in the control rooms, the actual consoles etc. Rest of the pics will be on Facebook.

We then visited the Allan Houser exhibition, a room full of sculptures and watercolour paintings. What I would describe as colourful, simplistic yet detailed in their nature. They were just gorgeous, different to a Pro Hart, simple/detail but a muted story told. Probably an artist maybe will get what I'm trying to say.

The Red River Journey is an outside exhibition with plaques relating to early history and progression along the Red River, botanical gardens abundant with native plants, trees etc from Oklahoma and the odd statue.

The Red River is what forms the border between Oklahoma and Texas if you didn't know. AND true meridian was found in 1930 after many years of the meridian being back and forth, which is the western side of the state along the panhandle.

Too many photos for blog, will post them on Facebook after I do some collage editing.


Kat xo


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