Mississippi Bound

A very productive last two and a half days! Sort of glad we did go back, sorry Elvis, would have loved to have hooked up with you again.

I managed to get a heap of sewing done, underskirt, fiddled with the over skirt and think I'm happy to progress on it now – those two are part of the 'Rose Trellis' I'm making for Helldorado Days but no pics on that until much later. I also had a visit with Tacky Jackie and now have started on her Victorian gown which will be gorgeous in Eggshell and Laurie Pink, a 'Vintage Rose' production. Corset, bodice and skirt tab trim cut out and now have corset for car project (hand sewing).

As I write here in the car after my shift of driving, we are stuck in some sort of traffic or roadwork congestion with a heap of trucks all jostling for position. We've had a good run til now and hope to be in Byhalia, Mississippi by 2.30. Hmm we'll see.

Smokin Guns at Rabbit Ridge commences tomorrow and will catch up with some old friends and make more I hope. Looking forward to it! Love this range.

Have a good one, and a great Memorial Day weekend to all our friends in US and to those at home in Aus, just have an awesome weekend anyway and Happy Birthday Tighan and Fleur Di Lee.

Kat xo

PS we are here, been to the range checked out the Posse lists, checked into Motel, having drinks, and having a laugh! Life is good!! Jack says ditto! Jinx!


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