On To Lynchburg

Slept through the alarm this morning which puts us slightly behind but anyway, a glorious start to the day with sunshine and clear blue skies.

There are some very soggy looking crop paddocks this morning on the way out of Arkansas.

Heading into Memphis area, I thought we may have been in Egypt for a minute! (What is that pyramid building?) Welcome to Tennessee as we come onto the bridge. Normally we have come across the twin bridges down the Mississippi River as we've headed South, can you see them in the distance?

We're taking the 64 he says, despite being slower speeds, this is beautiful – green, green as far as the eye can see. Fields of corn and not sure, but may be cotton, it's wet enough for it. (Cotton or soybeans)

These towns are beautiful, very patriotic and church going communities through here. Bolivar, Adamsville, Crump and Savannah to name but a few, if we'd have had more time it would have been nice to stop in Savannah and check out the Tennessee River Museum and the Savannah River Trail. There were a couple of gorgeous old homes as we came in and a monument of canon balls that said US Grant Headquarters.

A bit of research tells me that Savannah was the site of the Battle of Shiloh during the Civil War where US Grant commandeered the 'Cherry Mansion' for his headquarters during this battle. (Also known as 'Battle of Pittsburg Landing') ohhhh that means the first gorgeous house that I missed getting a pic of was Cherry Mansion.

On the eastern outskirts are large logging and quarry industries. This is a big place.

Near Waynesboro they are making some new road, call me crazy, but the site of Moxy's, excavators and a 'blast zone' sign still excites me a little, just a tiny bit.

That's it, done, a temporary moment of weakness, I love my life!

Pressing on we travelled through Lawrenceburg and Fayetteville.


Fayetteville, looks like another town steeped in history, established in 1810 and part of civil war history – in 1815 the County Courthouse was built and was used to house Union troops during the Civil War. Beautiful plantation style homes with well kept grounds through here.

We are only 15 miles from Lynchburg now and the Jack Daniels Distillery!


Kat xo

PS. The pyramid in Memphis? Is an arena, a 60% replica of the The Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. At 32 stories tall is the third largest pyramid in the world and is clad in stainless steel. So there you go!






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