Welcome to Kentucky

Kentucky, home of unbridled spirit the sign says and birthplace to Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the US and famous for his Gettysburg Address.

Some 17 hours travelling time later we have made it to Kentucky. I can't help but think 'Justified' here seeing as I just finished watching all 5 series again, and wondering what's up in them hills!

Moonshine? Old whiskey runners and stills? Are the Bennett's running weed and are there really any bodies down mine shafts here? Just my over active imagination at play.

BUT there is coal in these parts and we are headed the next few days for Ponderosa Pines – Black Gold Shootout. Sitting right in back of what seems to still be a working coal mine.

It's gorgeous through Southern Kentucky up here to Manchester, it's winding roads, hills and an abundance of trees, and the weather is perfect. Well for today, next to no humidity and sitting around 79F/26C.

We found Ponderosa Pines and ventured in, coming out to a clearing, green grass, covered entertainment areas, a stage, a pond and then beyond the pond is the ranges. This looks like party Central and as 'Blackwater' said, “this is a party with a side match of a shoot!”

Too funny, this should be a ripper, looking forward to it. Pic's of the range tomorrow.

Cheers! Kat xo


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