A quick jaunt to Texas

Friday and we are heading down to English, TX, for a club match shoot at the Bar 3 Ranch tomorrow and drop off a new guncart for 'Lightning Striker'.

We go past Tinker Airforce Base on the I-40 where they have a display of old planes. Must make a Walkabout Wednesday trip out there to have a look. That wasn't what caught my eye though but an FA18 landing and taking off again, practicing manoeuvres! Very cool.

This is the only photo I managed to get haa haa haa can you find it?

Wasn't quite quick enough!

Four hours later, down highways, through small towns in the very south eastern corner of Oklahoma, we have entered Texas and soon would be making a stop in New Boston to check out T-Bones 'Cowboy Guns' store which will soon be a pawn shop as well. If you ever get down – or up that way go check it out.

It's neat. They've done a great fit out, and besides the guns and other accessories you can buy saddles, guitars and see the antique displays.

Back to Bar 3 and within 10minutes I'm the brand new owner of a fixer upper!! This will be perfect for my bicycle costume! Yee haaa! Watch me ride this one down main street next Land Run!

Now I know it's not period correct but this little duck can make it look like it belongs back then. Yes indeed! Jack can clean up the chrome work and that will give him something to do while I'm sewing.

(After dinner this began and I might add now that very little alcohol was involved) Wooo! There's about 10 of us and it's dancing and karaoke! Bring it on!

Oh my goodness, I'm hoarse! Give me a deep song, can't do them high pitch girly ones but we had fun just the same!!! Shhh Jack went to bed already and it's now 12.55am, I better get some shut eye.

Up and at em!! Rise and shine!

We had 26 shooters for the day and shot 5 stages. Lunchtime with sandwich fixings and plenty of cake including Omaha John and Complicated Lady's wedding cake. Congratulations and thanks for the yummy cake.

It's back to Oklahoma and maybe a swim is in need when we get there, man it is hot, hot, hot in Texas today – with the humidity it must be well over 100F, the car gauge is saying 97F.

Back in Oklahoma and a few spots of rain, or an attempt. An hour to go and all my car projects are done and ready for the machine.

Hope everyone had or has a good rest of their weekend! Take care! Thanks again to T-Bone Dooley and Ellie Gant for hosting us.

Kat xo

P.S. And shooting wise?! Had a good run and finished 3rd overall, Jack 4th!



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