What’s Coming Up?

Howdy y'all!

It's been a little slow in the shooting department this month. We had the Territorial Marshal's club match here at OKC Gun club both Cowboy and Wild Bunch, did a Sunday up at Stillwater club and went to Texas last weekend for club match.

We were invited last week to the Friends of NRA banquet and WOW! What an eye opener that was.

625 odd people packed the National Cowboy Museum for this event with raffles, silent auctions and a huge auction to the highest bidder. Love trying to understand the auctioneers and flabbergasted at some of the prices people paid!

BUT it was all for a good cause. The banquets fund program's for youth in various disciplines, as well as women's day program's and other events.

This weekend there is a gun show on at the fairgrounds so we will head out to that and check it out, looks massive!

Sunday we have cowboy club match and then next week we head up to Hot Springs, Arkansas for Shootin' In The Shade. Looking forward to that!

Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up, wherever you may be.

Jack n Kat xo


2 responses to “What’s Coming Up?

  1. Hiya Brian and Jo (aka Jack and Kat but can’t get my head around that). Enjoy your Adventures blog SO much. What a life you two have. “They” say there is always someone out there for each of us and in your case how true it is. Two people so suited in life. Unreal. Life and retirement for me is super. Three little
    grandsons now (another boy for Amy). They are my life. Am so in love with them. Keep in touch on a regular basis with Kaye and Marg and the odd dinner out with other oldies from work. We are all well, and all have the odd ailment but nothing serious. Over winter, has been so cold here. Hope your kids are all well and happy. No doubt have a love life.

    Keep safe and continue with your wonderful life. Bernie McCarthy

    p.s. Hope this is how I contact you

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