Moriarty to Tombstone

We took the 41 as suggested by Singin' Sue and glad we did! Through small towns, Estancia, Mountainair and through the most gorgeous New Mexico back country.

Flats with rolling hills, a dead straight road (Abo Pass Trail) and the occasional house pops up in the middle of nowhere as we head through the last section to the I25 and back on the freeway.

We went through a place called 'Truth and Consequences' – yes it is actually the name of a place in New Mexico! Still cruising down the highway, a new hat has turned up! Not bad, think it will suit dress just fine.

You know, driving through here makes me wonder how the pioneers ever made it, it certainly would have been a very unforgiving land. Outlaws must have gone for days without getting proper provisions or water heading through here.

We stopped in Deming for lunch and fuel, I bought a serape! Been after one of these to complete the Wild Bunch 'La Adelita' look. It was cheap! 25 bucks! And big enough I can cut it and make two! Will be warmer for wintery days too.

Back on the road and I thought we were back in Aus for a minute. Pics are a little blurry but these look very similar to our black boy spears back home. Flower head is different but still reminded me of Australia.

Three hours left til we reach Tombstone. Time to finish pinning lace to bodice and get it sewn on maybe even the buttons will be on by the time we get there!

We made it! Will keep y'all updated with Helldorado Days over the weekend!


Kat xo



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