Bisbee, AZ

Well, what can I say, I was expecting a little more and maybe my expectations were high after being in Tombstone where it is the true cowboy dream.

Known for it's silver, gold and majority copper mining back in it's glory days of 1880 it was named after a financial backer of the Copper Queen Mine, Judge DeWitt Bisbee.

Today though it is and excuse my expression, a 'hippy town'. It's gorgeous buildings now house hotels, theatres and varying artists works and beautiful antique stores.

It has the Mining Museum and the Copper Queen Mine Tour and the elegant Copper Queen Hotel that John Wayne frequented.

Thanks to the Bisbee Coffee Brewing Co for the sensational Cubano Macchiato (3shots of espresso, sugar, cinnamon and a dob of foam) and cherry pie for morning tea.



Kat xo


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