No Bling? Onto The Next Thing

Waiting on more rhinestones to turn up for Lil's outfit so I'm finishing some hemming and repairs and decided to get into a Christmas corset for Saturday!

That's what you do when you are still contemplating (or procrastinating) on the underskirt for the ball gown that you should be making. I do think I have that sussed though and am going to dye fabric tomorrow.

Anyway so the Christmas corset has evolved and just finished it off with 200 little red rhinestones just for a bit of fun.

I can't go to a Christmas shoot without a Christmas corset, never have, never will. So here's the new one!


Will post pic's of it being worn Saturday.


Kat ox

P.S. Jack didn't get left out, he just won't come to the party of wearing a 'Christmas shirt'!! Haa haa haa


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