The Pav Update

So, I checked the pav out yesterday morning before we took off to Fort Smith and I was feeling a little deflated, bit like what my pav was looking like!!

Well, afternoon and back from Fort Smith – a mere 3 hr drive for a fun day – and I set to putting the fixin's on the pavlova ready for the party.


Whipped up some cream with just a touch of icing sugar (aka powdered sugar).


Piled it on top of the pav and decorated with fresh strawberries and raspberries. A drizzle of white chocolate sauce and voilà! Not a passion fruit or can of passion fruit pulp in sight, so had to go with what I could find.


I thought I'd better try it at the party since I had subjected other guests to it and it wasn't bad, needed the vanilla essence but other than that not too bad for a first timer. Was all gone by he time we were ready to leave with the plate – a good sign!





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