Christmas Eve Light Trip

Okay so here we go!

These are the lights at The First Baptist Church we pass often on our way out to the range I have admired the structural frames of baubles and snowflakes and then in front of the main chapel window is a Christmas tree with the cross on top. It is just beautiful.


Into one of the estates nearby for some impressive displays and then this one with all the trees wrapped in lights, changing colours and got the final shot of them all on just before we left!!! Love it!


Now I have Jack making his way into Oklahoma City and onto the State Capitol to see the Christmas Tree.

The trees are all done in multi coloured lights, and what a spectacular picture this is!


Back North to Broadway to see the old part of Edmond.


Ahh, happy I've seen lots of lights now, time for drinks and dinner!

When we do the Riverwalk in Bricktown over the weekend there will be more lights to see then, so you'll just have to wait for that. (More like I'll have to wait)

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love Kat xo



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