Road Trip!

Yes it's been a while, but in the morning we head on down to San Antonio, Texas for the SASS Convention.

It will be our first one! Normally held in Las Vegas, it is this close to us we won't be missing at least one convention experience. There will be vendors, Victorian Teas, old story tellers of the Wild West, seminars on costuming or sipping whiskey, pool parties and pyjama parties, visits down the riverwalk, the Alamo and of course the Grand Ball on Saturday evening.

So the dummy has been dethroned and is back in her corner.


The car is packed, with gowns and some B-Western bling to be delivered!

Pictures will come over the next few days so stay tuned! Looking forward to catching up with lots of friends and making some new ones.

Yee haa! The start of another year of fun and adventure.


Kat xo


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