Week or So In Review

Wow! Today Started off beautifully and as I sat in the chair in the bedroom gazing out the window, I noticed signs of perhaps an early Spring at the onset. Looks like new buds might be starting to form on the trees!


The afternoon has just finished with a stunning sunset after a record breaking 77F/25C day. Doors were open for fresh air and sunshine filtering in.


Anyway enough excitement about the weather.

The last couple of weeks have been busy getting back into sewing, shooting and general good living.

We've been to movies, seeing Unbroken, American Sniper and Imitation Game. Yes, you can probably see a pattern here. All truly great in their own right, but I have to say Clint Eastwood in his directing capacity nails it every time and the total silence during the credits at the end of American Sniper was quite humbling. Not one person in the whole packed cinema made a sound and walked out of that theatre in silence as a sign of respect. Very moving.

My youngest daughter had her 'Swearing In Ceremony' meeting all requirements to join the Australian Defence Force Academy and has launched herself into a career straight out of finishing high school. A dedicated and determined young lady that I am very proud of.


Congratulations Officer Cadet Curstin B. Prentice! Can't wait to see her in uniform.

Jacks been working on another gun cart which is progressing nicely and still regularly visiting Home Depot and Lowes, oh and Aces Hardware! Plus he's been getting us prepared for all the upcoming shoots and all the neat new places we will see in our travels along the way.

Tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be superb again, we will head out to the range for some practice and being Tuesday its half price hamburgers at the Route 66 icon, Pops!

Anyway got more prop painting to finish of a night time! So back into it!



Kat xo



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