Saturday post also late but here you go! ……..

Well we made it out to the track at 9.30am and spent the time checking out cars, souvenir brief checkout – cap by default as I left mine in the car. 🙂


So much happening, cars to look at, okay normally a Ford Fan but Chevrolet could be my new brand and I do like the new sports look especially in 'Blue Velvet' paint finish – yes please!


Jack found a new toolbox. Well the mother of all tool drawers, has a lift up tv screen, speakers and can hook it up to a fridge as well. What more could a bloke want.?!


Boydgaming 300 – 200 laps, 300 miles. Tomorrow's race the Kobalt 400

You can even rent race car headphones with a scanner to 14 cars, in car cameras and sound via fan vision! Amazing!

Thank goodness there is a slight breeze! It is warm and can get a bit more of a farmers tan!


We watched qualifying for the race and and practice for the guys for the Sunday race. Very cool and very loud, succumbed to ear plugs.

30sec a lap, on low qualifying that's 10sec a km

I learned that Chase Elliot in the No.9 car and Dale Earnhart Jr. In the No. 88 car both race for Chevy. Yep, happy with that. 🙂

In a Shelby Ford car No.4 is Ryan Blaney, so have to go for him just because it's Ford AND because 4 is my favourite number.

Lap 168 5th start of the day. Car 33 up and down but gets back to the top. So far he is back to no1 again.

After a late 6th start with barely a few laps to go it is a very close battle between 1st and 2nd place, car 22 almost gets past car 33 but goes sideways and puts it into the wall a great race between those 2 drivers all day.

Almost overtaken on the final bend, Dillon is fast on the straights and floors it again staying ahead of the pack to win the race!

Now that's what I call a finish! Everyone was on their feet at each start and were definitely on their feet for the finish!


Austin Dillon, Chevrolet, 1st, Ryan Blaney, Ford, 2nd, Regan Smith, Chevrolet, 3rd, Denny Hamlin, Toyota, 4th and in 5th, Chevrolet, Chase Elliot

Yee haa, finally been to a NASCAR race, bucket list, check!

Now getting out of the car park was the next interesting side event and no wonder people have tailgate parties while waiting for the crowds to die down. The Interstate was slow (could see it hardly moving from the car park) the car park was at a standstill until we got moved to a different exit.

We are thinking woo hoo, we are out in an hour!

It took another hour and a half to get clear down Las Vegas Boulevard back to the hotel.

In total? Same amount of time to return to hotel as it was for the race 😦

Still, a lot of fun though!

Cheers race fans!

Kat xo

P.S. Sorta glad we didn't stay for the Sunday race! Could have been worse getting out of car park and would have been worse checking out Monday morning.



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