Lights Out Soon

Hit the gym early this morning and then home for breaky, woke the other half, packed the car and we hit the road earlier than intended.

It was a dull looking day and continued to read Hearts of the West by Chris Enss, well that is until I could doze off and put myself in and out of consciousness between Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson and reading.

A quick stop for lunch and we were back on the road for Fort Smith. Arrived around 3.30pm, picked up packs at the range and said g'day to a few before coming back to hotel.

A few drinks and snacks and we went to Red Lobster for dinner. Yes! Thank you! Stuffed as, afterwards and I didn't even eat the mashed potatoes but the lobster tails were sensational.

Anyway, enough degustation talk it's time for sleep and get ready for Wild Bunch tomorrow.


Have a good one!

Kat xo


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