Land Run 2015

For me it started the weekend before on the 18th and 19th. Posse 13 did the Pre Shoot in order for us to marshal the range and take care of the rest of the 331 shooters that would attend Land Run through 23rd to 25th of April.

We had some rain on our first day and light drizzle on the second day, hoping that good weather would fair well for the rest of them come the main match weekend.


Wednesday we hit the range helping with final prep and preparing the last two bays for Wild Bunch and Warm Up matches. People were starting to roll in and vendors were getting set up.

Thursday was side match day, plenty of people about and could catch up with Cowboys and Cowgirls from afar.

I went all Oklahoman Thursday! My skirt and corselet have the Oklahoma flag symbol and side panels feature the state bird, Scissortailed Flycatcher with the original state flower of Mistletoe. My top has Indian Blanket wild flowers on it.


Thursday night we enjoyed dinner with Constable Nelson, Rooster Cockburn, Singin’ Sue, Shanley Shooter, Aspen Filly and Aspen Wrangler. Lots of laughter and good fun!

Then came Friday and first day of main match!

331 shooters milled in the street for opening speeches, pledge and ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’. After Tonic Kids rendition there’s an eruption of cheers from the crowd. The safety meeting gets underway and then all depart to the 12 posses to start some sensational shooting.

Here’s where Jack and I departed. He went and joined Posse 7 to shoot his match while I worked.

I had worn my 1890’s wheel woman costume! Had so much fun on the revamped ‘faux antique’ bicycle. Riding up and down the range all day syncing scores into the iPad and back to the office.

The jacket came off after a couple of hours, tweed can get a little warm!

These great pics are from Sports Photography and Design – Just L and Fly.


What a laugh! That’s what ya get for drinkin’ too much sody pop!

So weather was overcast but clear for Friday. Had a late brief storm that evening.

Saturday morning it was all sunshine and what a glorious day for finishing up the main match.


The below photo courtesy of Singin’ Sue.

The day finished well with many passing comments about a great match and thanks for all the work. Match Director, Missouri Mae, along with the Territorial Marshal’s put on a fantastic shoot once again.

It was time to see how everything ended up for all of us and we were off to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum for the banquet and awards.

Love this Museum and it’s very fitting to have a bunch of Cowboys dressed up in their finest town clothes and ladies in Victorian gowns and saloon attire.

Missouri Mae and I, caught with drinks in hand. My beer bottle is behind my back hee hee hee. 🙂

Once the doors opened it was into taking names and numbers for those entering the costume contest. My three lovely judges would be Constable Nelson, Aspen Filly and Marley Belle, who carried out a difficult and superb job.

Best Dressed Man went to Sgt Stro Dog, Best Dressed Lady to Alice Grierson, Best Dressed Couple was Omaha John and Complicated Lady, Best Dressed Young Woman to Add E Starr, Cowgirl Shooter was Sly Puppy and Cowboy Shooter was Rowdy Buckshot. Congratulations to all 27 Best Dressed competitors though.


Raffles were done, with 20 guns given away this year and some other wonderful prizes.

Forty shooters received clean match awards including my friend and new fellow Lady Wrangler competitor, Belle Vaquera.

Jack after having a not so good match finished 4th in Senior category and 57th overall. He says he can’t shoot without me anymore.


Congratulations to Shootin’ Newton 6th, Redleg Reilly 5th, Snake Oil George 3rd, Aberdeen 2nd and 1st Place winner for 2015, Naildriver.

Kat finished well, winning Speed Rifle, 1st in Traditional Wild Bunch and for main match 1st in Lady Wrangler category. 2nd lady and placing 23rd overall.



Congratulations to 2nd place Cheek A Bow Wow, 3rd Beans Haney and Belle Vaquera 4th.

Our very good friends and guests from Australia also placed in their categories, with Constable Nelson taking 2nd Place in 49ers and 5th overall! Rooster Cockburn 4th in Elder Statesman and 53rd overall.

This years overall winners were none other than my good friend, Match Director and fellow Territorial Marshal, Missouri Mae for the Ladies and Arkansas friend CS Brady took top honours for the Men’s.

Congratulations Missouri Mae and CS Brady!

Another awesome match.


Kat xo



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