Battle of Plum Creek

The 2015 Texas State Championships held in Lockhart started with beautiful sunshine and warmth. A little different to the days of rain they had the weekend before.

Agarita Ranch and the Plum Creek Cowboy Shooting Society have a beautiful range, great facades, 'working' buildings, and a saloon guest house with two rooms decked out in turn of the century furniture.

The bath house is restrooms, beautifully done and 3 stalls in the ladies.
The General Store is where we held the costume contest and is set out with furniture, walls of books and second hand items for sale.

The Marshalls Office is unreal, the detail. You shoot out of part of it near the 4 bed bunk cell, in the front it's a stove, backgammon, a desk and other details.

The blacksmith with anvil on a stump out front, horse stalls inside and all.


Thursday we went for registration and side matches. There were Plainsmen and Wild Bunch matches and all the speed matches. Vendors are all set up and doing business already.

Texas Flower held a costume seminar in the afternoon and I did a brief presentation on my hats and different personas I take on for cowboy and wild bunch.

We caught up with some friends for barbecue that night at the Chisholm Trail BBQ joint across the road from the motel. Slick Dale Six-Guns (a new shooter and active serviceman) joined us with his Mum (Mom) and I guess we introduced him to some cowboy rot and Aussie nonsense! Lol!

Friday is first day of Main Match and we are on the late shift, it's rather warm and the early shift has filled the range with colour!


I went with Texas Flower to assess some of the shooting costumes and when it came time for the late shift safety briefing we were able to check out the rest of the shooters.


We have a mostly 'new' posse, we only knew Goatneck Clem and Capt Sam Evans. So our new friends were now Bronco Birnhaum, Chisos, Circuit Judge, Cowboy Small, English Bob, Farr Ranger, Jim No Horse, John Selman, Kettleman, Preacher Man Lee, Slick Dale Six-Guns and Wildcat Bob. Later, we had Colt Faro and Matt Black join us for the duration of the match.

The stages were well written, some with plenty of movement and reasonable sized targets. Good clean fun!

Saturday morning came and we headed out early for the morning shift. At the end of the day, I finished with a few misses and Jacaroo was clean!

Back out in the afternoon dressed up for a stroll down some old cowboy street, I was honoured to be part of the costume judging committee that Texas Flower had put together. Nellie Blue, Cowtown Scout (both very experienced costume judges) and myself would serve as the panel whilst Texas Flower organised, took photos and handed out numbers to the participants.


Costuming is a very important part of our sport and It was great to see a good turnout at the seminar and for the costume contest! I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it, if nothing else, to learn more from my fellow judges.

When it all came out in the wash that night, Jackaroo finished 3rd in his category and 23rd overall. Congratulations to 1st Place winner 'I Reckon', 2nd Place, 'Aberdeen', 4th Place 'Blind Bob' and 5th Place 'Verdadero Dan'.

I placed 1st in my category with fellow Lady Wranglers 2nd Place, 'Luna Blue' and no relation to 3rd Place 'Nellie Blue'!

Sunday was a gorgeous day and some of us decided to give it one last crack at playing in the man on man shoot out. I had a couple of goes with my last being against Fantom, a blistering run that ended up so close due to a hang up with his shotgun and couldn't get the reload in properly. AND Jack didn't video it.

Jack made it through to the end but was beat by Fantom, you will have to go to Facebook for that video.


The team shoot was a hoot, Jackaroo's team taking out over Oklahoma Dee's team which I was a part of. Great fun! Another great match!

Kat xo

Sorry, couple weeks late due to long days in the sweat shop! Look out for Senior Games



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