Texas Senior Games 2015

Senior Games this year were held at Old Fort Parker, Groesbeck, TX. It's as green as green with all the rain they've had recently and after Friday's rain and side matches has quickly turned to mud in a lot of areas.

With pledge and a prayer, we commenced the main match dodging mud and puddles as best as we could.

Rain held out to humidity and partial sunshine and having completed 5 stages it was decided that there would be a mandatory lunch break and then continue with another 2 stages. Leaving only 3 for tomorrow should it rain more.


Saturday night was banquet and side match awards to which Jack and I both faired well with that! We also won a beautiful steer hide, pieced, wall hanging with a Texas star in the middle, handmade by Texas Irish Princess.

Sunday came and it was bucketing down with rain again in the early hours of the morning. After an hour delay we headed down to the range and commenced on the “drier” stages. Feet were already wet now, so by the time we got to finish “in the river” at the Corral, no one really cared that we were now ankle deep in water!


So when it all came out in the wash – Haa haa pardon the pun! – Spirit of the Game Awards were handed out, match directors and helpers recognised for their efforts and match awards given.


Jackaroo finished 3rd in Seniors, Blind Bob 2nd and I Reckon in 1st Place! For the Yusta B's (or anyone in the Senior and above category) Jackaroo finished 4th.


In the field of Wanna B's (anyone younger than Senior category) I finished 1st and 7th place overall.


Overall winners for the Wanna B's was 'You Bet' for men's and 'Kathouse Kelli' for the ladies.


Overall winners for the Yusta B's were none other than 'I Reckon' for the men's and for the ladies 'Dream Chaser'. Along with their trophies they were presented with hand carved walking sticks! 🙂


Despite the rain and many deciding to not continue on the Sunday because of the weather, Bent Barrel Betty and Kow Katcher should be congratulated on a job well done! Thanks for having us!


Kat xo


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