Branson It Was!

Last Wednesday we went and visited the Big Cedar Lodge. Very, very nice, rustic charm, gorgeous facilities. It was raining lightly but still saw some of the grounds.


We then came back into the strip and visited the Veterans Memorial Museum. Fantastic display of veterans uniforms and information about their various deployments. Quite fitting for this Memorial Day weekend (Like our ANZAC Day) honouring men and women for their service,


There are hundreds of names listed on walls throughout, of those who lost their lives fighting for country. The central hall in particular, very humbling with just a lone casket and flag. One of only a few left in the nation.


Onward through other exhibitions right up to recognition for present day military.


Spent some time down in the historic district, in and out of the shops.

Wednesday evening was for the Dixie Stampede dinner theatre show. Horses, buffalo, fantastic performers, comedy, magic, dancing, trick performers, you name it – crammed packed into one, light and music show spectacular!


Good one Dolly! (Dolly Parton owns it) beautifullY done, fantastic costumes. The building, stables and grounds are also noteworthy.


Thoroughly enjoyed it!


Thursday it was out for breakfast and then went to the Titanic Museum. Couldnt take any photos inside which was a shame. This is an awesome museum put together by John Joslyn, the man who did the expedition to the final resting grounds of the Titanic in 1987.

It's two storey's of around 400 artefacts and experiences. There is the touching of the iceberg as you walk in, a model of the Titanic, a beautiful staircase like would have been on the ship and a music room honouring the musicians who all perished in the sinking tragedy.


After, we went to one of the craft mall's and then drove down to the landing to see where the Branson Belle showboat goes from.


Onto some fun/competitive putt putt golf! We played at Pirates Cove Adventure Golf. Great grounds and course, waterfalls, pirate ship and caves! Jack finished 3 shots ahead of me. He scored a hole in one but I scored a credible 3 hole in ones across the 18 holes. We had fun and plenty of laughs.


Thursday night we went to the Presley's Country Jubilee. A mixture of comedy, singing, gospel, country and bluegrass music. This family run show has been around for years and was very entertaining!

Friday we had a slow start to the morning and headed out round lunchtime, checking out some more shops, the Amish shop included.

In the evening we were on the Branson Belle Showboat for dinner and exceptional entertainment while it travels on Table Rock Lake.

Entertainment included Cassandré, Rhythm (four tap dancing guys), The Showmen (excellent vocals, can sing like they came from 50yrs ago or more) and the magician Christopher James.


That, folks, wraps up our visit to Branson, Missouri. We will be back for some more fun at some stage.

On our way out of town Saturday morning we went via Butterfield Trail Cowboys and did a quick 5 stage shoot with them before heading back to a stormy and wet Oklahoma.

Ahhh, life is good.

Kat xo,_Missouri



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