Shootout At Pawnee Station

We headed into Fort Collins late Thursday afternoon, well actually, perfectly timed for beer o'clock!

Friday we arrived ultra early for registration. Wild Bunch commenced at 10am with a posse of around 18 taking on 4 stages. Warm Up stages were then carried out to get the hands working in single action mode again and a few side events.


A full day, no lunch (forgot there was no lunch vendor out there) and we were ready to test each other's patience. We called it a day and headed for Walmart for supplies and dinner.

Saturday was rather warm and with Posse 1 we completed the first 6 stages. Two misses each and we are close in times – ended up 3 each.

Our Posse consisted of, Buckeye Al, Chey Town Colt, Cutter Schofield, Calamity Kitty Hudson, Dusty Garnet, G. W. Ryder, J. R. Tall-Eagle, Jackaroo, Josephina Bouchet, Juan Bad Hombre, Kathouse Kelli, Marshall Stockburn, Panhandle Kate, Red River Wrangler, Sandhiller, Sweet Lil, Texas Drifter, Wild Will Hudson.


We visited with a folks, did some measuring for future costumes and headed back to the hotel before the storm that was coming, reached the range.

It was Jack's Birthday (18th July) so we decided to forego the potluck dinner and side match awards instead heading out for dinner and margaritas.

Sunday morning and it's a pleasant, somewhat cooler, slightly overcast start to the last 6 stages of the match. The sun soon came out, really warming things up for the final 3. Clean for me, a couple bobbles and a miss for Jack but a great finish nonetheless.


After lunch was the Shootout, 'a throw your tag in the bucket and get drawn to shoot' against an opponent. Have a miss, you're out. Sounds like an easy elimination and way of progressing things quickly right?! Not! All of the women had a miss! So we went through another round and I finally went clean and finished the Last Cowgirl Standing and then I managed to beat (only just) Fort Hays Preacher who won the Last Cowboy Standing.

After all was said and done Jack finished 1st in Senior and 3rd place overall! I finished 1st in Lady Wrangler and 1st Place overall! Yes, you heard it right, I just edged out Union Jack. Haa haa haa two Aussie's and a Pom in the top 3.

In all seriousness, another fantastic match by the Pawnee Station Cowboys, their helpers, significant others etc thanks for having us yet again in Nunn, Colorado.


Kat xo


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