Twin Falls, Idaho

It was good to unload the whole car now, re-sort everything and get settled for the next 5 days. A lazy evening in with a little sewing done!

This morning it was up, do a workout and then head to the visitor centre for some truly spectacular views of the Perrine Bridge and golf courses in the canyon.


We hung out for base jumpers to jump off the only place in USA that doesn't require a permit. We saw one jump off the bridge and there's about another 5 packing and sorting their chutes ready for a thrill.


Then we headed to Shoshone Falls, created by the Bonneville Flood that ripped and formed the canyon some 15,000 years ago. Shoshone Falls is known as the 'Niagara of the West', at a height of 212ft it is actually 50ft higher than Niagara Falls.


The falls were passed by undiscovered, overlooked or discovered in part by various non-native parties since 1811. In 1875, a young 19year old Charles Walgamott came to the area, enchanted with the falls he thought it could well be a tourist attraction. He bought up surrounding land on both sides of the canyon and by 1886 had built a hotel on the south side.

In 1932 it was donated to the city of Twin Falls by Frederick and Martha Adams.

After a few financial struggles the hydroelectric power station came under Idaho Power's control and a series of improvements began in 1921. It is now undergoing some further improvements to the hydroelectric facility.

Reminded me of Cotter upgrades.

After a massive downpour it was time for lunch and a trip out to the range.

Looks like a great set up. Great looking bays, targets and stages.

Tomorrow is Warm Up.

See ya.

Kat xo

Wed 6th Aug,_Idaho



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