Work Shirkers Wednesday

Out to the range this morning for practice day and discussions. Only a handful of us but we had fun, pushed the envelope and sweated it out with little to no breeze around today.

Fabulous BBQ lunch at a tucked away little place called Railhead BBQ. Wow! Just wow! I had a turkey sandwich that was so moist and tender I think next time I will be having it even without the lettuce tomato and onion on it. The German coleslaw was amazing too. (That was the side I had) Jack had 1/3pd burger with Mustard Potato Salad. 1/4mile from the corner of Waterloo Rd and Douglas St in a little red tin shed. Service is great and food is fabulous. It's one of those local, must try, deals.

Home for a couple hours of sewing and then it was time for a swim, well more for exercise after the last pounds gained while we were away.

Here is the dolphin and the whale. Lol! That's Jacks words too. It's hilarious. He is a life saver swimmer still, definitely not a swimmer swimmer. Still s in's with head up out of the water and arms out the side like he's going through waves.


Anyway, there IS work to be done.

See ha.

Kat xo


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