North East Victoria

On to Mernda for the week where we stayed with Kaitlin. My biggest little lady.

Jack and I (with Kaitlin) weeded, cleaned, washed cars and helped out where we could. We watched movies (a couple scary!), played video games, did puzzles, some sewing and a bit of shopping. Damn puzzle and it's Autumn/Fall leaves just about drove us crazy!

The best part other than just being and staying with my eldest daughter? Having exceptional cups of tea each afternoon from her fancy tea set.

We had Ginger Spice Tea, Banana Bake Tea, Black Rose Tea, Sencha Vanilla and Turkish Apple Cinnamon Tea (pink in colour and a favourite) and last but not least Shimmer Punch. All coupled with a spectacular blueberry tea cake or date scones.


An impressive 'chef' is she! Baking delights her specialty but the morrocan roast chicken she made was to die for. Oh, Kaitlin? I need the recipe! Plleeeaaaaase!

Had an awesome week with my girl!


Thanks for having us Miss Kaitlin xo

Have a superb day folks!

Kat xo


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