The Mall’s Ball’s

The Mall's Ball's – def: slang for meeting place; locator for people to unite; Adelaide's Rundel St mall icon. I thought it was just my sister being humorous but apparently it is THE known place in the mall to meet up.

Saturday we met up with my next sister (the second one of us in a series of 4) Karolyn aka Kaz, her husband Jim, and my two nieces Jemima and Holly. Having a fabulous breakfast at Piatto's, we were entertained by the girls and Kaz and I, as we do!


A quick change into their new dresses – fabric acquired by me, seams and trim by Nanna – we were ready to hit the streets and check out a button shop Kaz had been telling me about.


The Button Bar, when we found it, was the best button shop filled with buttons, appliqué and gorgeous trims I have seen outside of the LA garment district! You don't really want to know the prices though. 🙂


The girls chose a button of their choice which will be featured on a pillow for their rooms at some point in their chosen colours. A small job for Aunty Jo to make two little girls happy.

Then we wandered down through the Rundel Street mall with its buskers, early signs of Christmas for the upcoming pageant and people scavenging cans and bottles. (It's still a 10c return deposit in SA for cans and glass bottles)

We came past the mall's ball's with a girl playing an electric violin and the acoustics were pretty spectacular.


From there it was back to Cibo's for their specialty cappuccino with its hint of hazelnut and gelato for the girls.


Kat xo


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