Definitely on the Road to Nowhere!

It's Thursday and as we leave Broken Hill we start the trek North East to Gilgandra.

Well, maybe not that far given its late morning and it's 728kms/ 452miles there! Done 596kms/370miles today.

We are definitely out in outback NSW, the odd truck, caravan or car are few and far between. Out here everyone gives the one finger wave – the wave of acknowledgement not the road rage wave! 🙂 and truckies flick their lights when you are good to pass them.

Into Wilcannia we stopped for lunch. Wilcannia is, as its tourist brochure claims “In the middle of nowhere, the centre to everywhere” . Major Mitchell (he traced the Darling River down to what is now known as Menindee) was the first known white man to visit the area in 1835. The town itself wasn't established until 1866 and has some beautiful stone buildings still from the time period.


Moving on to nothingness we went through Cobar and then hit a storm for the most part of the 70 odd kilometres between Cobar and Nyngan. Couldn't see the damn road in some points, driving with hazard lights on and slowly. You can't pull off anywhere as despite being desert like regions, these storms can produce flash flooding in these areas and going off into the dirt could also mean getting bogged.


So steadily we pushed on through, at one point pulling right up under the ONLY truck stop toilet awning to be able to jump out and visit the amenities without getting wet. Side note here – It was the only truck stop between Cobar and Nyngan despite several stops available between Broken Hill and Cobar!

The beer is warm but worth it and will get an early start tomorrow for another 697kms to Taree.

Cheers big ears!

Kat xo

P.S. It's still raining, thunder and lightning here, now an hour and a half after we got here but rain is easing…..slowly.


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