Australian Nationals 2015

A quick trip to Harrington, catching up with an old friend from school (Heidi was the cool friend with red gym boots!) and we made the trek south again to Newcastle staying another fun filled night with a certain little princess sporting her new Frozen dance skirt.

Monday we headed to the range and over the next few days got stuck into 'building' in the bunkhouse. We finished lining it with timber panels, beading, installing shelving and a new corner to the existing, sort-of-a-shelf. We made and installed coat racks, cutting 3 from the old one and making another 5.

The sewing machine also came in handy for hemming curtains for the window, dressing room and showers.


We got the guns back into our hands and got the muscle memory happening and seemed reasonably happy with a practice. Things were looking okay.

Come Thursday the campers are definitely rolling in and the fun is beginning, side matches and Warm Up match were held on a particularly warm Friday! 42C/108F

Beers, catch ups and posse marshal walk through was done and dusted.

94 shooters fronted up Saturday and Sunday with, thankfully, cooler and sensible shooting weather days. 6 stages held each day. Movement, reloads, and good stage design.

Don't know what it was though but with only 2 clean shooters for the match, the rest of us had too many misses!

However, we had a great Posse and paired up with Posse 4 we had as much fun as you could get! Posse 3 and 4 – myself, Jackaroo/Ricochet, Chuckwagon and my Margarita Sista Pearl Starr, Gopher, Squints, Kitty Pearl and Sidewinder Sam, Dam Sam, Walker, Tom Mix, Henry Moon, S.O.B., Hoodoo Brown, Tin Star, Black Jack, Holy Ollie, and Sodbuster – if I have it right. (First time I haven't taken a photo of our posse list so I did get it right)

Saturday night we had the shindig and gambling.


Then Sunday it was all over bar the shouting. Jack finished 1st in Senior and 6th overall. I finished 1st in Lady Wrangler, 2nd Lady and 8th overall. There was 1 rank point and 0.07sec between Jack and I.

Above photo's courtesy of S.Sedger.

A big congratulations to RC Shot and Jazzi Jess, Men's and Ladies Overall Champions for this years 2015 Australian National Championship!


Kat xo


4 responses to “Australian Nationals 2015

  1. Kelly my dear, go to your photo where you are rounding the corner hand on sg hand on sshells.
    Shot shells should be at eye level by now waiting on shotgun, shells in as your buttock touches the shoulder. Overall gain well show a .5 to one second per stage benefit. Jus sayin. FYI Two Shot said so.
    With love and miss you say” howdy partner” to the boys.

  2. Looks like a fun shoot Grace. You did an awesome job in the bunk room. Sounds like it was a wee bit too warm for me, it’s bad enough the other times we come over! xoxo

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