Red Dirt Wild Bunch

Oklahoma State Wild Bunch Championships are done and dusted for another year. It was a hot, hot day Saturday and a little kinder today.

The Red Dirt Company of Rough Riders got together for a pic today (all those dressed in their Rough Riders outfits) but there were a couple of others yesterday that I wish had have been in today's picture.


Ten stages in all, a Fastest Pistol side match – that was a hoot, man on man shootout, and a BAM Match (Bolt Action Military).


Thanks to Hondo Tweed as Match Director and all the Territorial Marshals that helped set up, paint and tear down. John Elder and his wife for the fantastic food both days.


Stages were great and reasonable on rounds. Was a great primer for End Of Trail and Colorado State Champions coming up.


Men's Modern and 1st overall went to Shell Stuffer from (southern) Illinois, Ladies Modern and 1st overall was Missouri Mae, who along with Capt Sam Evans won the shootout.

Jackaroo placed 2nd in Modern Mens Senior! I placed 1st in Ladies Traditional, won the Ladies Fastest Pistol and Ladies BAM match.

A whole bunch of fun with a great bunch of people. Will see some at End of Trail or next on the range in Arcadia. Congratulations to all other winners, I remember some but without the scores cannot submit here correctly.

Happy shooting!

Kat xo


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