Rough Riders Museum and through Trinidad

What a start to the day with a trip to Charlie's Spic & Span, Bakery and Cafe on Douglas Ave. Famous for their cream puffs!! But all their food is good.


The pastry cabinet was so inviting and I thought when we left the hotel I might over indulge in a cream puff. Ahhh, no, these things are bigger than your fist! And the chocolate eclair you would need four people to get through 1!


Many other biscuits and donuts, drinks, coffee (they serve Starbucks coffee in here) and of course a great selection of Mexican meals. Serving all day, Charlie's has been operating since 1960 and is decorated in all its 50's diner style.


I'll just have a short stack she says, holy moly!


…..and then there were more!


Onto the Rough Riders Museum, finally we get there after many attempts in previous years.


We met a gentleman named Brian who says he was the great, great, great grandson of Teddy Roosevelt. He grew up on Long Island not far from Theodore Roosevelt's house. What a character he was!


The museum is small but packed with information about the Rough Riders, their reunions and the life of Theodore Roosevelt. There are other items pertaining to the Harvey Houses, the railway era, the churches, west and east Las Vegas (when it was two towns separated by the Guadallupe River, and general life in New Mexico.

There are some 800 historical buildings and homes in this little town of Las Vegas, NM……not so little after all!


And so it's time to continue North.

We made stop for lunch and then a short stop in Trinidad, CO. There are some gorgeous buildings here as well.


The Museum was closed but we did duck into the Mt San Rafael hospital lobby and checked out the beautiful 28' X 12' ceramic mural depicting Trinidad life and history. Designed and made by Sister Augusta Zimmer, S.C.


Continuing on we will call in to the Cowboy Hotel (aka Aspen Filly and Aspen Wrangler) for a couple of nights before all of us head in to Fort Collins and Nunn for the Colorado State Championship.

See you at Pawnee Station!

Kat xo


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