Pawnee Station Vindicators

The Colorado State Championships were held once again at Pawnee Station in Nunn, Colorado over the July 1-3 weekend.

Jack and I arrived there after a couple of nights at the Cowboy Hotel with friends Aspen Filly and Aspen Wrangler (and brown dog). (Thanks again for having us guys and the first hand viewing of the new place!)

All checked in at Fort Collins and we are ready for more action!

Friday was Wild Bunch day. 4 stages to start the day rolling, then a couple cowboy warm up stages followed by speed events. Jack was Posse Marshal so walk through for him late afternoon while I was back at the motel finishing a corset.


Saturday saw the commencement of 6 main stages. Hmmm pistol decides to give up working properly on first two stages. Thankfully that didn't occur during End of Trail!! Anyway focus, persistence and calm win over and I carry on using one of Jack's for the rest of the match.

We had a great posse and although our original Posse Marshal, Wild Horse John, couldn't be with us, we had Bulldog Ric, Bulldog Red, Bulldog Taz, Lady Bulldog, Wildcat Cliff, Flinch Lock, Smokewagon Bill, Dynamite Mary, Your Nemesis, Captain George Baylor, Dusty Buckboard, Casper Kid and John Mosby, Jackaroo and Kathouse Kelli make up the Posse 1 detail.

Everyone worked and we moved through pretty swiftly, catching up to the next Posse a few times.


The stages were good, the facades are always good and the few new additions added to the match! An outstanding effort to all involved.

Saturday night at the range under the big tent (which I must say, even for lunch was a much pleasant addition this year, keeping shooters out of the hot sun!) was casino night. Side match awards were handed out before the pot luck dinner and rest of the evening got underway.

Ric-a-d Split was the singing, guitar playing entertainment. A Soiled Dove and Bar-Fly costume contest was part of the evening and then it was on to Black Jack, Texas Hold Em and Faro.


Sunday we continued with the final 6 stages. After lunch there was an all in shootout. Whoever wanted to participate. Congratulations to Mesa Belle for the Ladies and Waterloo for the Men's.


The VFW venue hosted the awards and banquet that evening. Captain George Baylor and myself judged costumed cowboy's and cowgirl's for the Best Dressed.

Jack finished 20th overall and 2nd in Silver Senior category. Congratulations to Bulldog Ric, your Colorado State champion in 1st place and Whiskey Rick in 3rd.


I finished 11th overall and 1st in Lady Wrangler category. Congratulations to Allen Street Contessa in 2nd and Turquoise Queen, your Colorado State champion in 3rd place.


The overall winners this year were Cobra Cat and Hey You (10th overall, 1st lady) with overall Colorado State Champions being Cobra Cat and the lovely Lefty Jo! Congratulations!



Kat xo


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