They say 'blue and green should never be seen, unless a colour in between' but that fashion saying is way behind in the colour stakes these days.

Humour me here as I describe the scenario for the making of this shirt (and certainly no offence meant whatsoever!!)……'Grace can you make me a poofy shirt?'….looking a little startled and having to think quick, my come back was 'do you mean a B-Western shirt?'…..'Yeah, some sort of fancy, poofy shirt!' – this coming from a shooter with a wicked sense of humour and wants to shoot B-Western black powder or something along those lines.

I had to laugh and take the order. Sure, no worries, coming right up. So in the book he went, his turn came round and here's what we have.


Not too extravagant on embroidery detail, different colours which I really do quite like – blue and green, together – and blinged out.


Hope it works for you CTM and that you shine out from the crowd when you wear it!

Onto the next!

Kat xo

(Should have pressed it properly before taking pics!)


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