Do You Remember?

Today is 9-11, September 11, when 15 years ago the world changed.

Many lives were lost and thoughts of loved ones around the world wondered where there relatives were, if they were safe. When you couldn't wait to get back to your kids, to hug and hold them tight. To be thankful.

Not only the personnel working in the Twin Towers that day – bystanders, flight crew, passengers and many first responders did what they could and never came home. For those, we remember.

Our club match today started with the pledge of allegiance and a moments silence with 3 rings on the bell by Roy's Creek Dan (ex-firefighter) to honour the fallen and his many fire fighting comrades.

Jack and I wore one of our patriotic outfits in honour of this day also.

A smaller shoot list compared to yesterday but we still had a great turn out of 35 willing participants.

We hope your day was filled with memories and fun shared with great friends and/or loved ones.


Make each day count.

Kat xo


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