Road Trippin’ Again

Yesterday we took off for Forest City, Arkansas, virtually a 7 hour straight through road trip. Sharing the driving we got into Forest City around 6 pm.

Yippee, a great room with iron and ironing board meant a good few hours of sewing could get done.

Lights out just after midnight and we crashed, no alarm neat we didn't wake until 10 to 9! Must have needed some good sleep. Let's go!

A quick breaky and we are in the car, stopping in at the Delta Heritage Centre in Brownsville. Wow, we have come across some great random little places travelling around here.


What a fantastic free museum of cotton, blues music and THE home of Tina Turner music. Well the school house in any case.


The school house was moved from Nutbush (yes it is a town, not just the song……Nutbush…..Nutbush city limits….(and cross your feet and turn)Haa Haa ) to its current position at Brownsville. It has been kept as the school house inside but has many exhibits of Tina Turner's outfits, records etc.


A great little find! All the staff were lovely and very helpful.

For now it's on through fields of cotton at various stages of growth. Touring the countryside along Hwy79, heading North through Milan, Paris, Dover – yep we are still in Tennessee, lol!


Well not going through Dover now, too slow, found a different route into Kentucky and onto Bardstown. We will make it in time to purchase more Four Roses bourbon and Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, get changed and head down to the Old Talbott Tavern for dinner.

Ripper! Cheers

Kat xo


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