Mason Dixon Stampede 2016

Arriving into Thurmont last week, did the tourist trips to Gettysburg, Thursday was the start of the match with Wild Bunch and Speed Events.

It had turned to light misty rain, compared to the previous weeks, enough to be annoying but nothing real drastic.

The three stage Wild Bunch match saw some very interesting little targets (6″X6″) being used which made for an exciting day. Good fun!


We had a couple of run throughs on the speed events, rifle, pistol and shotgun. Rifle I got down to 3.83sec's and was extremely pleased as the week before the best I could do was 4.56. Jack ripped out an awesome 3.30secs! We had a crack at the shotgun and pistol events as well before packing up for the day.


Friday, main match, Day 1, same drizzly rain. We had an awesome Posse! Posse 6 – Annabelle Bransford, Rowdy Bill, Tom Payne, James Samuel Pike, Yukon Mike, Silas Highland, Travis Spencer, Spinning Sally, Cold Brook Kid, Belle Evans, Marshal Jacobey John, Dirty Dingus Diggs, Geronimo Jim, Wild Bill Diamond, Ziggedy Zag, Jackaroo and myself.


They were awesome and it was like listening to or being in a movie with all the New York and Jersey accents. (I think and hope I got that right)

They are as entertaining as always! Tom regaled us with the National Anthem played on his harmonica before we kicked off for the day.

We shot Stages 6-10 on Day 1, clean for me and a couple misses for Jack.


Day 2 and we complete Stages 1-5. Jack had a much better day than the previous and I'm clean again!


Saturday night was the banquet in the big tent and the “Reel” West restaurant. The stages were based on different cowboy movies. Wild Bunch and Side Match Awards were handed out with Top 16 and Sweet Sixteen being announced.

After dinner in the club house, was the gambling night, raising funds for the SASS Scholarship. Try your hand at Chuck-A-Luck, Faro, and Roulette or you could just buy tickets for the raffle.


Sunday morning you could try your hand at an informal man on man stage and a 3 team event before the awards commenced.

Jack came second in Silver Senior. Congratulations to all Silver Senior's. 1st Place Dirt Rider, Jackaroo, and unfortunately the rest I do not have names and the scores aren't up yet, my apologies.


Congratulations to fellow Lady Wrangler 2nd place Calamity Jill.


Overall Divisional Champions for 2016 went to Sunshine Marcie and James Samuel Pike!


Top Overall Cowboy and Cowgirl – James Samuel Pike and Kathouse Kelli! Yee Haa! (I finished 8th overall from 154 shooters, very pleased indeed)


The Top 16 and Sweet Sixteen received a really neat Lone Star badge and then it was on to the shootout. Winners for the shootout were Sunshine Marcie and Indiana Loose Cannon.


A big thank you to Chuckaroo and his team, in particular Dog Meat Dadd who ran proceedings while Chuckaroo was not well again. All the ladies who assisted and many other hands of the Thurmont Rangers who put this match together, thank you!

Kat xo


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