How Time Flies

Wowsers! We are already nearing the end of the first month of 2017! Time flies when you're having fun.

Sooooo what have we been up to?


Well, Jack and I have been enjoying the pool and getting in some exercise. (because it's warm in the bottom half of the world at the moment) albeit feeling like a lukewarm bath some days as the temperature has been a little unforgiving.

We have been out for lunches and movies a few times to get us out and about. That gives Jack a break from boredom and my eyes a break from the sewing machine. (I'll leave the sewing for the next blog…..'cause I'm still going!)

We have had a few shoots and will have the last two coming up this next couple of weekends before thinking about packing up for the next adventures o/s.

Jack has dealt with the bit of excitement (not how he really felt) of replacing dishwasher, and having burst pipes to deal with, carpet and swollen cabinetry replacements.

We have enjoyed brief moments with friends, family and really enjoyed the grand kiddies catchup on Boxing Day. Little treasures they all are and growing so fast.

My youngest was here again for a week which was both a pleasure and fun! I did manage to convince her to help me with a bit of sewing too for which I'm very thankful……..I need to teach Jack to sew…..well at least straight stitching.

We are looking forward to another eventful, jam packed, fun year ahead and can't wait to share more adventures with you soon!


Hugs to all!

Kat xo


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