Beach Baby!

So this morning I finished all work on machines, only hand sewing to go and transfers on bags (a whole other story).

Jack and I decided we HAD to get to the beach and MUST got for a swim his time. Nothing more energising than swimming in salt water I reckon.

We looked at Surfers Paradise, Nobbys Beach and decided on Miami Beach to be the favoured one for the morning.

No, no sharks, I'm still here, but was on the lookout. It was a bit rough and tumble in the surf, cool to start but so so pleasant and definitely a change to the tepid water of the pool of late!


After our swim and brief sit on the sand we headed for fish and chips for lunch! Yum!

This will sum up this mornings venture!

Sun, sand, surf – What's it really worth? Fresh air, warm skin, vitamin D – I wonder what else we will see? White, tanned, over-tanned – beaches with lifeguards manned. Water, swimmers, muscled – coming up with hair all tousled. Bikinis, balls, sunburn – some will make heads turn. šŸ˜‰ the salt on your skin, the fish and chips within, energised, ready to go ag'in!


Cheers big ears! Hope you've had a sensational day too

Kat xo


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