Poppycock! Peacock corset I intensely dislike you!

Sigh, you know, sometimes I just don't get it right for me, get it right for other people but alas sometimes it is not always the case for myself. Weird I know.

This corset has been bugging me for ages, I bought the fabric and then another lady shooter in Australia bought the same fabric and of course I don't make the same thing twice so I inset these blue panels into mine. …………….,,I don't like it……….. Every time I look in the draw for a corset I see it and I don't like it.


BUT!! During my sewing and embroidery right now I had a brain wave, so off tangent to the rest of what I am doing that I think I have come up with a solution and a whole new outfit!

Cool! (Claps hands with child like excitement!) finally I will look forward to wearing it – not with those blue panels in it though – it's now in the bag of car projects ready to unpick so I can replace those panels with more sweet peacock feather like fabric (lucky I still had some left) and then will work on the rest of the ensemble later.

Weird moment of thought!

Kat xo 🙂


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