Arrived Munich-Berchestgaden

Jack and I arrived in Munich yesterday pretty much without a hitch.

When we finally got to get the rental car (yes taking an hour and a half when we were disembarked, luggage collected, through immigration and customs in just 3/4hr) we hit the road towards Berchtesgaden.

With a very slight detour into Austria along the autobahn we were back into Germany and arrived at our Hotel Schwabenwirt.

Beer garden, restaurant, shops close by, bus station across the roundabout, a fabulous stream with the purest, most clear water I have seen! What more could you possibly want?!

The afternoon was somewhat overcast but temps were still around 31C with humidity.

A few beers and dinner, a short walk to tourist information centre, a viewing of the river, kept us awake long enough to get a decent night sleep.

And it's still the same colour this morning!! Yippee!

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