A Full Weekend

A three hour trip over to Fort Smith yesterday found beautiful weather, exceptional changes on the range that we hadn't experienced since being done and a great group of cowboy's and cowgirl's.

Okay, we did miss you Naildriver and Ambler!

With 18 of us, we had a blast with Judge Parker Marshals taking on 6 fantastic stages with a twist at the end, thanks CS Brady. No truly, we had a great day, thanks everyone!


Had fun with these two chicks! Rip A Lot and Belle Vaquera 😉


Got back in time for beer o'clock and did basically nothing for the rest of the evening. Watched Oklahoma State v Texas Tech, great game, I'm learning more!

Sunday and we headed out for Cushing, OK to Lincoln County Cowboy's and another different 18 cowboy's and cowgirl's- well Della and I!

Weather was spectacular, a slight breeze, sunshine, blue skies, no sweat- always a plus, just a sensational day also.


Six stages to run through, followed by hotdogs.

Yee Haw!

Kat xo


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