When In Lawrence….

Here at 'Beerandbullshitcorner' it's all fun and games!


This morning after the pups woke us up, it was breaky time for them, breaky time for us and I decided I needed to clean the back and side patios. Knowing that it was green waste recycling week, I picked up the previously pulled thistles but not content with my view from the window – or the spa – I decided to keep going and pull out more, totally filling the green bin for Tuesday pick up. The grass is still a little on the long side but the thistle and milkweed has gone.


Jack and I, being light on the wifi at the moment, took to playing the Wii today with a few hits of tennis and then some awesome games of ten pin bowling. I tried out some boxing, canoeing, downhill ski jumps and then got put in my place with the fitness set calling me a 'couch potato' and that I need to balance more working on my core. How rude! Probably some truth to that at the moment though haa haa haa.

As the day drew to an end, we enjoyed a spa and a sampling of Garry's home made Blonde Lager! Noice one Garrrryyyyyy! (Lol, if you watched any othe the cricket you would have heard that before) It was exceptional, we shall talk more about what you did! 😉


Ahhh the serenity!

Hope you are having a good one!


Kat xo


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