Time Flies

It’s been a busy week or two for sure!

Memorial Day weekend we flew the flag in remembrance of those who have served and fallen for this country.

Jack and I hit the range Saturday to do some drills and Sunday was the club match.

Tuesday I had the pleasure of doing some coaching, then Wednesday for range practice day.

All the while fitting in sewing, swimming, shopping and more.

The weather here has certainly taken a turn as Spring seems to have sprung and dissipated straight into hot summer temperatures. When you hear them speak of ‘cooler’ temps being 88F/31C then you know it’s hot!

It’s beer o’clock, margaritaville time and this weekend we will head to Cushing for a club match!

See you on the range somewhere soon!! Have a sensational weekend wherever you may be, whether with family or your shooting family!

Kat xo

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