2 to 11

‘…7-3, 3-7, 7 to 11…’ unlike Kenny Chesney’s song (which is actually about work hours), beers here in LAX have gone from $2 at The Bridge last Friday to $11 per beer here! OMG! BUT it’s the bosses birthday so we can have more than one I guess (she says cringing).

However on our return to Border Grill when we found out our flight had been delayed by 3/4hr we got to discussing birthdays and our Columbian born bartender has a July birthday 2 days after Jack’s.

Cheers big ears! A shot of tequila with a beer chaser! Makes the time go faster if nothing else.

Here’s to the next leg and staying awake to watch enough Chick Flicks to get me by for a few months. Haa haa haa.

Kat xo

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