QLD State Titles – Cowboy Creek

A great weekend catching up with another great bunch of cowboys and cowgirls out at Biloela for the Queensland State Titles.

Some 89 shooters turned up for 12 great stages and side events.

Wasn’t our best matches but it seemed that way for plenty of others also which made for some surprising results.

Some of the categories didn’t have enough lady shooters to warrant a separate category, however that just means that for some of us shooting what is actually an ‘open’ category it is just as easy to pace yourself against the men – we are usually looking at their times regardless!

Ladies joined ranks in the open categories with myself in Gunfighter, Pearl Starr in Senior Duelist, Montana Lily in Classic Cowboy and Katie Younger in B-Western.

And how did we do?

I was 2nd in Gunfighter (Deadwood Gunslinger 1st, T-Bone 3rd), Pearl was 1st!! (Virgil Earp 2nd, Clog Wog 3rd), Montana Lily was 1st!! (The Breaker 2nd, Will Penny 3rd) and Katie was 2nd with hubby Robb n Co 1st.

Jack won Elder Statesman (CTM 2nd, Horseshoe Harry 3rd) and finished 6th overall!

Dang Buzzards!

I picked up a few gold’s in speed events and a silver in long range. Finishing 13th overall and 3rd lady, so close behind Pearl Starr.

Pearl Starr and Kathouse Kelli

Congratulations to overall winner Chuck Wagon and overall ladies winner Lil’ Backfire!

Overall 2023 QLD State winners Chuck Wagon and Lil Backfire

Thank you to all the crew at Cowboy Creek for all your hard work and dedication,

See some of y’all at the next shoot!

Kat xo

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