Happy Australia Day!

January 26th, Australia Day – marks the anniversary of the landing of the First Fleet at Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788.

It causes controversy for some wanting to change the date, change the name of it but it is what it is! This is Australia! It is Australia Day!

Hope you have or have had a good day no matter where you are Australia Day or not.

Jack and I headed out this afternoon to catch a bus and then the tram (whole new experience doing that) up to Broadwater Parklands.

We met up with Dwayne and Sarah and grand baby boys. Who are growing way too fast!

There were bands, food vans, with water parks for little kids and big kids. Great spot!

We got a great spot too! Just near the jetty and right in front of two of the 3 barges for the fireworks, right on the edge of the beach.

We had a bite to eat, I built sand castles with Archer for a bit while Charlie napped and then we got ready for 7.45pm fireworks display. Brilliant idea and time for people with kids.

It certainly didn’t disappoint, the display was brilliant!!

Happy Australia Day mate!

Kat xo