Colour It!

It’s fun! It’s bright! It swings when you dance! Better still it swings when you shoot!!

What a fun and colourful skirt for Belle Vaquero. A blue and white advertisement print for Remington, Pony Express, elixir’s, bitters, telegrams and even sewing machines. Trimmed in an orange gingham and even the perfect matching ric-rac braid from Mum’s shop.

Belle’s going to love this one!

All smiles!

Kat xo

Hair Tearing! Swearing!

I had it all planned out this afternoon, to start on four projects that require embroidery work and type an article for the Chronicle that I had promised.

Fair enough, easy she says, everything is done and ready to roll.

WRONG!!!! (And I don't even know how to do emojis the old fashioned way to express my horror so you will just have to visualise!)

So my heart skipped a beat as I plugged in the USB to my embroidery machine with the (many hours work in the car, last trip) embroidery design to be stitched out. Hell no!! No design showing up on the machine.

You have to be kidding me!!! The ones previously are showing up but none of thE NEW SIX DESIGNs are showing up!

Okay, think Jo (yep my real name), what am I going to do now…………okay, delete files and reload onto USB stick. Plug in, turn on machine …….nothing!


Okay, by now the cursing has well and truly started. Probably in between thoughts of throwing myself on the ground and chucking a hissy fit!

Next, use your brain, what's it gonna be? Okay so tried different USB, nup same thing – oh and I might add at this point the stupid file is showing on the USB/s on the computer! – so resort to deleting and formatting said USB stick! Save file, put in machine, turn machine on, still no file. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!

Ring Mum, quick! It's 7.30am in Australia, ring Mum, she'll know what to do.

After discussion we decide two of us can't figure out, agree to send files by email and wait for Mum to get back to me! 😦 😦

I have now wasted 3 hours of work time, it sounds more like a room of sailors with the swearing and thank god it's drinks time.

So not content to sit back and enjoy my Shiner Bok, I started googling more info ('cause I'm really peeved and freaking out because I can't afford not to have it working!) and what to my wandering eyes should appear? Not 8 tiny reindeer but a thread on an appliqué site and the lady said how the stitching area was smaller than the hoop!?!?


Off I go back to the computer – duplicate, new frame, paste, make slightly smaller, save, save on USB, put in machine, turn on……….

Ta da!!!!

It freaking worked! Now it's showing up on the screen and ready to stitch! Holy moly, I was having pink kittens (as Gram's used to say) rang Mum back (and I might add she was on her computer getting ready to check it out even though she did say she wouldn't be checking til their night time! Thanks Mum) SORTED! Happy Girl.

Now I can get back to what I should have been damn well doing in the first place!


Well maybe I'll just rest and have a drink first.

Cheers big ears!

Kat xo


She’s ‘Armless

Well she won't be for long I guess we are at Diary of Desire Part 6?

I'm cutting it fine but something take careful thinking and consideration. Some might call it procrastination ……in the quest of getting it right.

This morning I've completed all the hand cutting out of the embroidery and now a day of hand stitching and beading!

Just look at her! She's beautiful. The gold thread changed colour when I washed the soluble backing from it (note to self – ask Mum why) but it is delicate and going to look sensational once beaded.


20 hours just in embroidery and trimming to this point.

Soon she will be ready to hand over for her first reception.

Happy cowgirl seamstress

Kat xo

P.S. I haven't forgotten the sleeves, just want to do the triple/quadruple check again.


Oklahoma….Mum’s Shop Came In Handy

When I get to Mum's it usually always ends up with a 'trip to the shop' ie: her fabric and trim stash cupboard.

Last time it was brightly coloured ric rac braids that I thought I could use to trim Wild Bunch outfits. She didn't really care, as long as I could use it.


I pulled them out of the cupboard numerous times this week and put them away again. Will I, won't I. Well….why the hell not!

In fact, why not go the brightest one you can find?!

So my Oklahoma inspired outfit of skirt, corselet and top has finally been completed. I bought the fabric early last year but that's beside the point.

Not only does it feature the acquired gaudy coloured braid of the perfect matching colours but the outfit has state symbols from Oklahoma.

Here comes your history lesson. Stay with me, it's short this time. 🙂

Now originally Mistletoe was the State flower, chosen in 1893 is the oldest Oklahoma emblem however was later changed to the Oklahoma Rose.

Well that would have been too much of a mix so I have chosen the State Wild Flower for my top which is the Indian Blanket (Gaillardia pulchella) for botanists and flower nerds out there. Just quietly, Grams would have wanted to know the botanical name. Bless her.


I did not forget the mistletoe and as I was searching for the State Bird – Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (Muscivora forficate) – might as well keep going with correctness! Lol! So the original 1893 emblem and the bird are featured on my skirt.


To top it off, the fabric is the closest matching colour blue I could find to the flag and I have embroidered the symbol from the flag on the corselet and the alternating panels on my skirt.

In case you didn't know and I hear you wanting to know more, you know you want to – The Oklahoma State flag features an Osage (pronounced ) warrior's shield on a blue background. Across it lay an olive branch and calumet or peace pipe with 7 eagle feathers decorating the shield – both or all 3 symbols of peace. The design was officially adopted as Oklahomas flag in 1925 however the word 'Oklahoma' was added beneath the shield in 1941. (Have seen the original hanging in the State Capitol building!)

That's it! Lesson over! Hee hee hee, will post a pic after I wear it next week.

Have a good one, be kind to your mother……she might have extra trim!

Kat xo

P.S. Finally got my Aussie fabric made up to so it will be featured next week also!