We Made It!

A couple of hours and the odd snooze later we hit the state line and entered into Texas at Gainsville, front porch of Texas, says their branding.

Quick stop for coffe at Macca's and we are back on the road with Tracey Byrd entertaining us.

I wish I had been able to get a picture! A truck just drove past with Woody hanging on for his dear life on the aerial. Love it, love Toy Story and remembered Woody and Buzz hanging off the back of the removalists truck. Sorry, slight side track there.

It's been almost 3 years since being in Fort Worth, hmm should have looked up where the fabric outlets were again. Maybe I can con Jack into it for on the way back.

'…thats somebody's dream, somebody's hope, somebody's world gone up in smoke…..' Haa haa haa that was appropriate timing for that song as I thought about the fabric stores and my chances. We'll see!

Just passed the Texas Motor Speedway, they've even held the Red Bull Air Races here.


Stopped in at Haslet, just outside of Fort Worth to visit and get Jacks shotgun repaired. Had lunch at the Catfish Grill with 'Goatneck Clem' and 'Capt. Sam Evans'. It's amazing what you can learn in one lunch. Like how their aliases came to be due to family ties within Texas, the Alamo, Fort Worth and Spanish exploration on the river near their ranch. Fascinating and amazing!

But now it's back in the car and heading for San Antonio (pronounced San Antone by some) Had a bit of a hold up round Austin in late afternoon traffic but got through.

We are staying at The Menger Hotel and arrived here at 6pm. It's been drinks, catch ups with other Cowboys and dinners with semi-unknown Cowboys and Cowgirls before returning to the room for the night.


See you tomorrow with a bit more of a history tour!

Kat xo

(I thought I posted this last night but appears not!?)