Setting Up

A couple of days of extreme shopping and unpacking. Got to unpack the purchases from October, spend some and make the place start to look like home……and maybe a bit more of a cowboy home (could it get much more than it was before????)

Some pics up, some sticks in a vase (well slightly better arranged than that but you get my drift), few rearrangements of existing lamps and cupboards and whola!! Looking a bit more 'lived' in!


Hmmm smells liked a house now, first home cooked meal tonight, nothing flash but good just the same!

Gotta love Hobby Lobby 50% off just about everything today (never get that much discount at Spotlight) frames, lamps, hooks, flower stick things the lot!

Lamps finished off the bedroom now despite it still requiring a change of paint from mauve to beige and get rid of the purple and white pics off wall. Our setting is looking good and more like us. Got to work out them big square pillows though, still doesn't look quite right.

AND got a nice surprise late this afternoon when my sewing machine turned up with 2 boxes of patterns and a bit more fabric, YAY!! Now just to build a bench which we measured up tonight. Currently looks like below, with rubbish still to be gotten rid of as well from down the hallway.

Bags are all unpacked though and still to get internet on and a TV. Lucky we can visit across the way and use TV and guest internet at the moment.

Love to you all, see some of you soon! Xo Jack n Kat


4 responses to “Setting Up

  1. Grace it is looking awesome! I feel like I’ve been there from looking at your photos before. Loving the cowboy look. xxx

    • Thanks Ruby, it is nice to be able to add all the ‘cowboy bling’ and it not feel out of place. Although we were pretty much there at home just without the bedroom stuff being done! Lol!

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